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We HELP our clients to identify potential physical risks to their business and create and implement the most effective solutions. We ADVISE to achieve optimal protection for employees, infrastructure, products and consequently reputation.


Triskel is a reputable private security company successfully operating within the security sector from 2008.

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our services and our ethical approach designed to meet all the requirements for the private and public businesses. Our consultant teams include experts with various complementary backgrounds with experience in the private and public sectors. This diversity creates a synergy that allows us to operate efficiently as security consultants, supplying security solutions and services to all our customers.
All operations are designed to meet the individual’s requirements, ensuring minimum disruption to the daily routine of our customers.
The diverse nationalities and multi-language skills combined with the competencies of our employees give us the possibility to deploy the most suitable personnel for specific tasks.


Triskel International has developed a strict and rigorous ethical code of conduct, strictly followed by all of our employees and subcontractors. This code is based on regulations set out by International Law.

Triskel international employees are expected to comply strictly with the confidentiality regulations set out by the company on all projects undertaken.


Triskel International Ltd is a company motivated by our commitment to provide effective expert security. The notion of compliance is paramount throughout every aspect of our organisation and remains at the forefront of every thought and action.


We have access to a dedicated team of legal advisor with extensive experience within the security field.

Our comprehensive insurance policies provide us and our clients with the following extensive coverage:

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability/Pollution Liability
  • Professional Indemnity/Failure to Perform
  • Personal Accident and Emergency Medical Expenses/Repatriation
  • K&R on request


Triskel International continues its target of being the leader company in security & Risk management sectors. By continuously improving all its processes and continuously following up the innovations and latest technologies; and aiming to be the reliable and continuously preferred company by making customer satisfaction based.

In the light of this vision:

  • Acting in accordance with all applicable legal requirements,
  • With a perfectionist approach dedicated to total quality philosophy,
  • Depending on our integrated management system,
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and performance by continuously ensuring that our employees and other interested parties work in a safe and healthy environment and by continuously training them.


Triskel International adopts below policies to continuously increase systematic, determined, and applicable preventive occupational health and safety approaches through “Safe service provision” consciousness and to make working environments through employee engagement.

  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, we determine and evaluate health and safety risks and then determine precautions that will prevent these accidents at source. During this process, our priority is to act with “Safety First” consciousness.
  • We spare resources and develop approaches to apply a proactive risk management and risk evaluation process and we manage to contain these risks.
  • We prioritize continuous improvement to ensure our employees adopt a sustainable “Safety Culture” at work.
  • We comply with all legal regulations and standards regarding occupational health and safety
  • We provide continuous trainings on occupational health and safety to increase our employees’ knowledge and consciousness of this issue and to encourage team work and engagement. During this process, we work on ways to create a safe working and living culture and consciousness in our suppliers and other related parties.
  • We do everything we can to set an example in this area with our occupational health and safety approaches.


We realize and acknowledge that our employee team is one of the most important resources we have in supporting our continuous success in realizing Triskel goals and strategies. We prioritize system and applications that open opportunities and contribute to our employees’ progresses. We aim to increase consultant’s work quality by investing in motivation, work satisfaction, sense of belonging, and training. Our policies towards these goals are;

  • To recruit the right person in accordance with their qualities and our requirements,
  • To provide our employees with a constant chance to train and improve themselves,
  • To plan and develop individuals’ career in accordance with the organization’s necessities,
  • To develop payment and rewarding policies through systematic approaches,
  • To evaluate individuals’ performances with objective approaches and create a chance to submit feedbacks,
  • To create a preferable working environment by realizing applications towards increasing employee motivation,
  • To create and manage the necessary integrated systems required to carry our organization to a better future by following international Human Resources applications.


Environment Statement

At Triskel International Limited we recognise our social responsibility and are committed to the protection of the world’s resources. Each service is carefully planned to minimise the negative impact of our company’s activities on the environment. Our target is to improve quality of life, by paying attention to the products used in our offices or in the field, minimising car/plane journeys, and having a strict recycling policy.

  • We duly follow all applicable legal regulations and legislations regarding the environment, and we ensure that all our employees and third-party individuals/companies we work with follow these requirements too.
  • We regard all wastes resulting from our activities as a loss of natural resources and we work on environmentalist methods that adopt recycling as a principle to prevent waste creation at the source.
  • We develop new methods to conserve natural resources like power and water and we protect our resources with a corporate conscious of nationality.
  • We improve our activities by developing preventive approaches through advancing technologies to prevent all losses that might negatively affect our environment and to maximize efficiency.
  • We constantly follow up with, measure, and improve the performance of Environmental Management System.
  • We conduct analyses to control and contain the environmental impacts of our activities to determine and follow up with environmental aims and goals that ensures minimization of natural resources usage.


We are proud to see our company becoming ever so present at International level. In Africa, our operations are wide and Triskel International has been involved with the local population for many years.

The local education authorities struggle to provide appropriate facilities, particularly in terms of physical education. This means a lack of opportunities for a young population that is likely to face a long period of unemployment now rating at 40 to 50%.

Our intention is to equipped local schools with basic means (blackboards, desks, chairs) to enhance learning opportunities for academic’s studies, as well as recreational playgrounds. We would like to see this young generation ever more involved in the future’s economic growth of a country with a wealth of natural resources to be exploited. We believe that the first step in that direction is through education.



Triskel International recruits professional consultants for:


All operators must have a valid S.I.A. licence in Close Protection and relevant qualifications in the specified field.
Contact us: recruitment@triskelinternational.com